Meet the Artist



The greatest advice my Father ever gave was to live my dream, and my passion for what I do burns endlessly...

We're all only her once, only for a little while and its the connections we make that will define our lives.  Summerbee Woodworks began as my connection to this world of beauty, the search for it in all its forms, and the desire to share it.  From spinning sailing maple seeds, to timeless grandfather live oaks, the forests, the colors or red and gold floating gently downward like stars in periphery, the smell of fresh cut walnut, and the gliding touch of polished grain, the tone and resonance of ages, the colors of richness, uniqueness in every fiber, every grain, ever board, every cut.  



Wed be naive not to notice the practical impacts wood has on our lives daily, but how often do we realize the connection it creates for us to the world we live in.  Isn't that truly what we love about it?  No method of revealing wood's beauty falls short of its goal, and the art of woodworking has many approaches to that end.  Its fair to say there are no biases for Summerbee Woodworks, it is my goal to unveil and express the utility and beauty of wood in any fashion conceived, whether by traditional techniques, common stock, inventive and original visions, or the obscure and forgotten gems nearly lost to time.


Nothing is off limits.  Simply said, if its wood, Summerbee can do it.  Whether a whiddler, whistle maker, luthier, cabinet maker, carver, master craftsman, or just a lover of waving flowing grain and graduating tone, the love of wooden art is vast.  Personally I love it all, for that I chose no single path, but rather, let the wood and the expanse of our creative abilities guide the means of expression; by this, I find the connections to be as unique as each piece I work as well as the individuality of any who would appreciate them.



Artist/Designer, Steven Lindley