Care Advice


Proper care is recommended to protect and maintain the natural beauty of your handmade SummerBee piece.  Preserve it for generations with regular maintenance. 

To clean, avoid soaking and dishwashing.  Hand wash with dish soap and  warm water.  Allow wood to rest fully exposed to air dry completely.  Store in the same manner.  To disinfect, use lemon juice, peroxide or white vinegar. This is also great to remove stubborn odors.

Protect your piece!  To preserve color, prevent cracking, and penetration of moisture and bacteria, apply a liberal amount of 100% pure food grade mineral oil to spoons.  Allow oil to soak into wood for approximately 30 minutes then wipe off excess oil with a lint free cloth.  For boards and bowls, follow same steps using  SummerBee Wood Wax or other oil and wax combination.